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MyPro Transportation Management Systems for Private Fleets and Brokers

You need Transportation Management Software (TMS) that meets your core business needs, but with more bite. Think MyPro.

MyPro has a comprehensive feature set where smaller fleets and brokers can build their partner network to take on bigger jobs without technology investments. That’s strength in numbers, private style.

The complete TMS solution, MyPro has the following features and benefits

  • Flexible integration with many technology platforms: Private fleets can integrate MyPro into many existing technology platforms, including other TMS and in-cab technology systems that their partner fleets and carriers already use. As a result, it helps private fleets streamline their communications with their partners to complete larger jobs on time and on budget.
  • Robust electronic document management and reporting capabilities: MyPro’s robust electronic document management and reporting capabilities make data input and document management seamless and efficient. With MyPro, all it takes is one data entry point to automatically populate and share important documents throughout the organization, including dispatch orders, driver pay sheets, invoices, and financial reports. This helps eliminate tedious paperwork and errors.
  • Secure web-based network: Designed for the cloud-based economy, MyPro lets private fleets securely manage exclusive relationships with partners in their own network, protecting the integrity and quality of their operations.
  • Built-in dispatch, billing and driver settlement tools for private fleets: Private fleets will benefit from MyPro’s fully integrated TMS capabilities, such as the ability to import or create routes, assign routes to vehicles, and manage billing, invoices and driver settlements.

It’s better to be hunting than hunted. Put more bite in your business today with MyPro.

A complete TMS with more bite.