Update to the In-Cab Scanning module

For those Sylectus companies subscribing to the Qualcomm In-Cab scanning module, the "Image Upload" macro now has a field where the driver can enter the "Load Number". This will make it easier to index the document the driver scans and submits into the Sylectus document imaging module.

Until now, drivers had to put the load number in the comment field of the "Image Upload" macro. Qualcomm has now provided space to enter a load number and we have modified our software to read the "load number" from either the new "load number" field or from the comment field.

Sylectus companies that subscribe to the "in cab" scanning and "paperwork imaging" modules realize the following benefits:

  • Reduced administrative overhead since the driver is scanning and indexing the paperwork instead of submitting the paperwork to the office for office personnel to scan and index.
  • Reduced paper handling costs since photocopies of paperwork is no longer needed and large number of filing cabinets are no longer needed.
  • Faster billing cycles since the paperwork can be submitted from anywhere in North America within seconds of the driver receiving the physical document. Billing can begin within seconds of a trip completing.
  • Improved cash flow since paperwork becomes available faster and billing can begin hours or days earlier.
  • Improved customer service since customers can get automatic emails when the paperwork is scanned and indexed and can have immediate access to view the paperwork online via "Track and Trace".
  • Improved Accounts Receivable collection processes since invoices and paperwork can be easily emailed to customers when doing "overdue collection calls". If customers subscribe to our "fax interface", they can also easily fax invoices and paperwork directly from the Sylectus system to their customers.
  • Improved Driver Pay process since paperwork is submitted, indexed and "checked in" automatically via the system, the driver pay becomes an easier, less stressful process.

When a driver submits a document via the "In-Cab scanning" Qualcomm macro, the following happens:

  • The document is automatically stored in the Sylectus system.
  • The system will automatically verify the load number submitted against the driver’s load history. If the driver was on the load, the system will automatically index the paperwork to the appropriate invoice and mark the paperwork as "Checked in" using the date and time the paperwork arrived via Qualcomm. If the driver was not on the load, the system will store the image in a "paperwork exception" folder so that billing can index the paperwork to the proper load.
  • Once the paperwork is checked in and indexed, the following occurs:
  • The billing process can begin (if paperwork is required before billing the customer).
  • The driver pay process can begin (if the driver is required to have paperwork submitted prior to settlements)
  • The system will automatically send the customer (or group of customers) an email that the paperwork has been checked in. Within the email will be a "hot link" so the customer can go to "Track and Trace" to view the paperwork.
  • The customer can view the paperwork online via the online "Track and Trace" module.
  • If the load is a Virtual Fleet load, the Virtual Fleet partner who gave you the load will automatically get the paperwork document.
  • Paperwork will be automatically printed with the invoices in collated sequence.
  • Invoices and paperwork can be emailed to customers.

Thanks to Qualcomm for making this change to their "In-Cab scanning" system and for Matt George from Load One for testing the new functionality.

It just keeps getting better ... and the best is yet to come!