Comdata module subscribers can now add or subtract specific amounts directly from a saved Comdata transaction

Thanks to Jeanette Unruh from Hidden Valley Transportation for this idea and to Gabe Prestia from Sylectus for programming the change.

In Sylectus, users have the ability to put money on a Comdata card. Until now, if a user wanted to add money to the balance of the transaction or remove money from the balance of the transaction, they needed to cancel the entire transaction and start over. Nowl users have the ability to adjust the amount of the transaction.

To adjust the amount of a Comdata transaction, do the following:

  1. Go to the “Card Integration” menu and then “Card Listing Screen” and find the Comdata transaction you want to adjust.
  2. Click on the +/- link from the card listing screen which will open up a new screen where you can enter the adjustment amount in the “Amount to Adjust” field.
  3. Click the “Process Money” card. The system will apply the adjusted amount (plus or minus) to the comdata transaction.

The system also retains historical transaction data so users can audit all adjustments.

Here are some screen shots to explain the process:

Figure 1. Card Integration → Card Listing Screen
Note: +/- link will open the Card Inquiry/Process Money page

Figure 2. Card Inquiry/Process Money Screen.
Note: Enter a positive (add) or negative (subtract) dollar amount to adjust the card balance.

Figure 3. Card Listing Screen w/Card Transaction Log
Note: We maintain the history

Together, it just keeps getting better ... and the best is yet to come!